In my work I show you my inner world.

In my paintings, I give you a glimpse into my mind. Loneliness, fear and trauma are recurring themes in my work. In the arts, I find a way to turn my saddest experiences into something universal, that is touching as well. 


At the age of 11, I got diagnosed with cancer. The heavy treatments that followed, made a great impression on me. This traumatic period left me with a lot of images and impressions in my head.


As an adult, I found out that I have autism. Because of this, the way I look at the world is different: I see a lot of details, and impressions have a greater impact on me. The way I remember events is more fragmentary: it's as if I remember an endless amount of snapshots.


Searching for metaphores, I often depict landscapes in which something is odd. Recurring elements are a little hospital bed, brutalistic buildings and abandoned places.


The images I have in my mind, just need to come out. Sometimes in the shape of a series of paintings. And sometimes the fragmented memories come together in a polyptych with countless little impressions.

Marjolein Coenrady (born in 1989)



ArtEZ ArtEZ University of the Arts

Graphic Design 



Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen

Pre-university education, VWO, Study profile Cultuur & Maatschappij (Culture & Society)